What do people say about me?

Below are testimonials from colleagues, athletes, fellow coaches and parents of athletes...

Rachel has coached both of my daughters, one of whom has become a national champion whilst in her squad. Over the last few years I have noticed how effortlessly Rachel creates team spirit, with motivational team talks, making life fun for the athletes by introducing new types of training. She is not scared to change a training plan is she can see a way to increase its effectiveness. In short, Rachel is very easy to talk to, super knowledgeable and able to get the best out of athletes at many levels - Athlete parent 

I'm not sure where I would be without Rachel. She seems to always know just what I need as an athlete whether it be tough love or a sympathetic ear. She has given me a confidence I never thought possible and I know I can move onto the next stage of my life knowing that she has made a huge impact on my success - Athlete

Working with Rachel has always been a healthy balance of hard work and fun. She seems to find a solution even in the most challenging situations and always remains positive. The way she manages relationships with multiple partners is an impressive skill and she is the epitome of a team player. Her determination to succeed is never to the detriment of those around her - Colleague 

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