A New Venture - Making ideas reality

It's almost 12 months since I left my secure permanent job due to redundancy. It was a job I loved but having been with the company for 12 years, being pushed back out into the world of job hunting was something I saw as an opportunity for something new and exciting.

As it turns out, the job where I do what I love on a daily basis while being paid millions is yet to materialise. I have been through months of applying for jobs, attending interviews and being given really positive feedback but a polite 'no'. Some of it has been frustrating but every day has been an opportunity. Meanwhile, I've been doing bits of work to make ends meet. At least that's what I referred to them as initially when people have asked how job hunting is going. It turns out that those 'bits of work' have become a really great way of working. I have become the mistress of my fate in a way I never anticipated.

And while I'm still looking for a permanent role, I have taken the (what I consider) brave step to begin a new venture in an attempt to make an idea reality. I've always been terrified of starting up my own business. I come from a family where both parents worked for the same organisation for their entire working lives, and I've always thought being self employed was a risky business. But in the past few weeks I have taken the steps towards setting up a new venture.

I have no great desire to make millions. My drive to create a movement in an area of work I'm passionate about is what is motivating me. Any spare moment is taken up working on my business plan and getting the boring paperwork stuff out of the way so I can get started. I may succeed. I may fail. But trying to make it work is the most important thing to me right now.

My network of former colleagues, friends, fellow coaches and just awesome people that I have around me have give me the confidence to do this and have shared their expertise, ideas and general positive energy without flinching.

The saying 'do a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life' couldn't be more appropriate at this stage. I'm working. Hard. Not knowing if I'll even make a penny at the end of it all. But working hard to make it work and make a positive difference to the lives of potentially millions of people in the future.

So watch this space. There's something exciting on the horizon...