Find Your Musical Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you find nothing but sheer joy in your work? It may be a feeling, a smile, a spring in your step. Something that makes you realise all of the ups and downs have been worth it just for that one moment.

I recently stumbled on a YouTube clip of a workshop for the cast of The Greatest Showman (brilliant film and soundtrack - try and make time to see it!) The workshop was eight months in the making and was effectively a pitch to get funding for the film. Watching it, there was such joy in the work that was being done. We sometimes forget that those in the business that we call show business have spent years training to get to the top.

When you watch the clip, keep an eye on the guy playing the piano. His name is Justin Paul and he is one of the songwriters. The sheer joy and excitement of seeing is work come to life is just wonderful to see. It got me thinking about just how much work had gone into creating that moment. His childhood dreams, his first music lesson, his subsequent training and countless knockbacks. But he’s in the middle of an incredible moment seeing his dreams become reality.

While music lifts the soul, can we recreate such enthusiasm in other areas of work? Certainly as a coach, seeing an athlete achieve their dreams is incredibly special. But do we allow ourselves to enjoy the moment enough? To appreciate what has gone into creating that moment?

In so many areas of work we fail to appreciate that musical moment where everything is perfectly in harmony. So what is your musical moment in life? What will it look like when you can sit back and say ‘yes, this is it, this is what all the hard work has been for’.

Find your musical moment in what you do and think about how you will feel when you have achieved it. Personally I hope I’m leaping out of my chair just like Justin!